GTI is committed to providing dedicated, reliable and technically proficient Internet service. We do this by providing certain options, which are not necessarily offered by other DSL service providers. GTI provides a complete service; the monthly service charge covers all bandwidth charges, lines fees, and ISP Costs.

Email Policy: With your GTI DSL service we will give you email accounts with individual passwords and storage space. The number of mailboxes depends on what DSL plan you request. We also will provide you an alias that points to your existing email accounts if you so desire. An alias is simply a forward; a vanity plate, if you will, for your email address. However, as always, if you use your GTI account to send bulk email (Spam), harass, defraud or hack persons or institutions, we reserve the right to immediately suspend your account and all services we are providing.

IP Allocation: It is very important that you use the IP's assigned to you. After 2 weeks from the date of your installation, we retain the right to perform random IP swipes and if necessary, reduce the number of the IP's of persons and/or businesses that are not using the IP's they were assigned. In addition, we reserve the right to re-allocate or re-assign IP addresses if necessary.

Bandwidth: As an ISP, our bottom line is determined by the amount of bandwidth our customers utilize. However we believe that we can absorb these costs and still provide great service. We have an official policy of Unlimited Bandwidth, and you will not be charged for the bandwidth you consume nor do we have limits on that bandwidth. However if you are providing an extremely bandwidth intensive service that is consuming an extraordinary amount of bandwidth, we retain the right to ask you to stop that service or request that you upgrade your account service plan, if we deem it necessary.

Payment Policy: Payment is due 15 days after date of invoice. Accounts are in default if payment is not received within 15 days after date of invoice. Accounts unpaid 60 days after date of invoice may have their service interrupted. Such interruption does not relieve you from the obligation to pay the monthly charge. Accounts in default are subject to an interest charge of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance. If your state law does not allow an interest rate of 1.5% per month, the maximum allowable rate for your state will be charged. If you default, you agree to pay GTI its reasonable expenses, including attorney and collection agency fees, incurred in enforcing its rights under these Terms and Conditions. Customer shall be responsible for paying GTI all applicable, invoiced federal, state, and local mandated surcharges, fees, and universal service contributions, if any. FUSF Fee: Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, all telecommunications service providers are subject to the FCC Universal Service Fund charges. This charge is calculated as a percentage of your monthly service fee and will be charged on a monthly basis. For more information on FUSF charges see

Personal Web Page Restrictions: We believe in the right of the individual to publish information that they feel is important to the world via the Internet. Unlike many ISP's we allow you to run a server (web, mail, etc.) over your DSL line. We do, however, have a policy of not allowing certain content; No Adult Content Servers, No IRC Servers and Bots. GTI also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion. Our reason for these restrictions is simple and unbiased. All the above services in general consume an extraordinary amount of bandwidth, and are prone to malicious activity by persons frequenting those sites. We prefer to keep things safe and simple for all of our users.

Service Term Information: GTI requires you to commit to a "Good Faith Agreement." What this boils down to is we agree to provide you with the specific service you requested, and if we adequately provide this service, the service term is for twelve months, to offset our costs in installing your service. This agreement begins once your DSL circuit has been activated. If you wish to cancel before the end of your 12 month term, you will be responsible for all outstanding charges for the remainder of the term, plus a $250 cancellation fee. Your DSL service will renew automatically for another year unless you request cancellation to GTI in writing 45 days prior to the end of the term. If you encounter problems with your DSL service, after 72 hours of downtime we will credit you for the time your DSL connection was not available. Also, we assure you we will do our very best to get you up and running as fast as possible. If we are unable to provide you with the service you have paid for, you may cancel your account without any obligation. If however, we are providing you the service in accordance with our stated policy but you still feel the need to cancel your account prior to the end of the good faith period, we require you pay a $250 service fee to cover our additional installation expenses, or the remaining term payment, whichever is more.

Cancellation Policy: Before installation -- You can cancel your order within 72 hours of order placement with no penalty whatsoever. If, after 72 hours, but before final installation, you choose to cancel your order, there will be a $149 processing fee. If your order still has not been installed after 60 days, and you choose to cancel at this point, there will be no cancellation fee. There will be no cancellation fee for orders canceled by GTI or our vendors due to technical limitations or other reasons. Once your service is up and running, it is not possible to cancel the line until the end of your term. (See Service Term Information noted above.) Any leased or loaned equipment remains the property of GTI and is to be immediately returned upon cancellation of service. Any equipment not immediately returned to GTI will be billed for at the full replacement value for "new" equipment.

Domain Name Server Policy: In keeping with our goal to provide a technically proficient solution, we offer a variety of options for registering and hosting your Domain with GTI. Domain Name Services may be an additional fee. We do not allow users to control their own reverse DNS. We will, however, make up to 5 reverse DNS edits for you at your request. Additional DNS entries are billed at $2.00 each per month.

Value Business DSL Installation Procedure Policy: GTI coordinates with the ILEC (Verizon/Bell Atlantic) to complete the DSL Installation. Once the ILEC has verified that the loop is viable for DSL service, the circuit is then activated for DSL service. This typically takes 7 business days, however it could be longer if the ILEC discovers technical or physical issues with the existing phone line. On the installation date, an individual over the age of 18 may need to be present to grant access into the home, garage, apartment building, basement, phone closet, etc. so the technician can complete his work. GTI is not responsible for lost wages or time from days spent at home for any appointments, regardless if the ILEC has missed any appointments. This applies to lost wages or time during Trouble Ticket dispatches as well. In addition, GTI is not responsible for loss of business profits due to an order not being completed within the time frame desired or from service outages.

Value Business DSL Downgrade Policy: Occasionally, some orders run into technical issues specific to their location that cannot be resolved. This usually results in an inability to provide service or a downgrade of service. GTI does not automatically downgrade your service and you are free to reject the remaining service options left available to you. GTI is not responsible for orders being downgraded or rejected for service due to technical issues that occur during the order process that cannot be resolved. GTI is generally unable to determine these possible issues at the time of sale.

Final Qualification: GTI is committed to providing quality DSL service. However, GTI cannot ultimately be responsible for the quality of your personal computer. We are committed to solving your problems but we cannot be accountable for failings in individual Operating Systems and custom configuration of Operating Systems, Operating System components or software. When you place your order with GTI we promise to honor the setup pricing we quote you. Simply put, the initial pricing you agree to when you place the DSL service order is the pricing we will charge you, regardless of later pricing changes, whether increasing or decreasing the cost. The only exception to this is that your initial price may change if a downgrade or upgrade of service is required to complete your order. You will receive any promotions or offers that you are eligible for, within the restrictions set forth in those offers, which are active at the time that your order is placed. You will not be eligible for future offers or promotions applied to new orders. Special offers and promotions are based upon the date that an order is placed, and not the installation date. Although the GTI wishes to provide an equitable solution to every customer's need, we reserve final rights in providing service. If we deem it necessary, GTI can modify any existing service we provide at our discretion. By allowing GTI to provide you service, you agree to these terms of service, and GTI's acceptable use policy.

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Acceptable Use Policy

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