Co-location is the provision of facilities, on the ISP's premises, for the operation of a customer's servers and equipment. It provides the customer's equipment with direct access to the ISP's backbone infrastructure. This allows the customer to take advantage of redundant commercial-grade electrical power, redundant high-speed links to the Internet, datacenter HVAC for cooling and 24x7 temperature monitoring, and free first-tier general support by experienced professionals.

The tier-1 support level for unmanaged collocation service includes basic operations performed by GTI such as tape or CD swaps, reboots, cabling, and general quick diagnostics to help the customer in isolating and troubleshooting their own equipment. Additionally, managed collocation plans and even turnkey server builds are available for those looking for hands-off administration of their equipment.

GTI is a local company. As a collocation provider, we are easy to communicate with and we can customize a collocation plan that fits your specific needs. Prices start at only $199 per month, including bandwidth!


  • » Partial, Half and Full Rack Space Available
  • » Shelves Available for Non-rack Mount Equipment (i.e. towers)
  • » Commercial 3-phase AC Power; Protected and Unprotected Circuits Available
  • » 25 kVA UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • » Liebert Air Conditioning and Humidity Control
  • » Up to 100mbps Backbone Connection Available
  • » DNS Hosting and Management + Domain Registration
  • » KVM with LCD monitors in Each Rack for Keyboard/Video/Mouse
  • » 24/7 Access to Your Equipment
  • » Multiple Telecommunication Providers Available: T1, T3, PRI, and Voice Circuits
  • » Standby Servers Available in Case of Customer Hardware Failure
  • » Turnkey UNIX Servers Available: Web/Email/DNS Servers with Web based Control Panel

Benefits of using GTI as your Co-location facility

  • » Short and Long Term Contracts Available
  • » Flexibility to Change with the Needs of Your Business
  • » Locally Owned and Operated, in Business Since 1994
  • » 99.98% Uptime Guaranteed
  • » Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Phone: 973-285-9099

Fax: 1-973-285-0728


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