A dedicated line is for those who need Internet connectivity beyond what a DSL or cable-type Internet connection can provide, or for those who need a private (non-Internet) point-to-point link between two geographically disparate locations. A dedicated T1 or T3 is a high-speed, ultra-reliable, telco-gaurenteed connection suitable for medium or large businesses who need the best possible bandwidth and reliability. T1/T3's offer larger IP address pools, Service Level Agreement contracts between the end user and telco, and the ability to handle voice (natively or VoIP) along with data.

GTI offers fractional and full (1.544mbps) T1's speeds to meet a variety of customer access needs. Unlike DSL and cable, a T-carrier line is a 100% digital path from A to Z, giving you a high-througput, low-latency service with the absolute minimal errors in transmission and reception possible.

Prices start as low as $329 per month - including local loop! Click here to request a quote or call 973-285-9099 for immediate assistance.


  • » Free Pre-configuration of Routers (Intel CSU/DSU + layer 3) or Customer May Provide Own Equipment
  • » Fractional Speeds: 256k, 384k, 512k, 768k, 1.1mbps and Full 1.544mbps
  • » 24x7 Technical Support and Circuit Monitoring
  • » Static IP Addresses Included
  • » 5 Email Accounts Included
  • » Free Web Hosting Available
  • » Service Level Agreement (SLA) Guarntees Uptime and Less Than 5% Packet Loss
  • » Very Competitive Pricing!

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