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While several larger carriers have discontinued their dialup and ISDN products, GTI is proud to continue to provide these services. Why? Dialup is still a great option for those who want to reduce costs, or those who use the Internet lightly or infrequently. Its also ideal for people who travel, since unlike DSL & cable, dialup is far more portable: all you need is a modem and a working telephone line, and you can take your Internet service with you! Finally, dialup makes a great backup to your broadband connection, since it does not require a lengthy setup process. Whereas a broadband connection requires at least a few days to be "built out" in the telecommunications infrastructure, dialup uses existing telco facilities--so there's no extra setup work to be done. Plug in, dial out, and you're connected.


  • » No Setup Fee
  • » Unlimited Access
  • » Two Standard POP3/SMTP Email Accounts (e.g. username@gti.net)
  • » Free Telephone and Email-based Technical Support
  • » Optional 10mb Personal Homepage (www.gti.net/username) Included
  • » All-digital Backend: V.92, Multichannel, and ISDN fully supported
  • » Local Access Numbers for Northern & Central NJ, and Most of Southern NJ see (a href POPS page) to find your local access number
  • » Static IP addresses and subnets available

Dialups start at $19.95/month. GTI prides itself on being flexible, so if you need something other than the standard plan and pricing, please don't hesitate to call!

Phone: 973-285-9099

Fax: 1-973-285-0728

E-Mail: help@gti.net

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