What is DSL?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and is available in several speeds from 128k up to 3mbps! It is suitable for residential users and small businesses as a connectivity service beyond dialup and ISDN, and more economical than a T1.


  • » Self-contained, Remotely-managed IP Router (Zyxel 645R)
  • » Static IP Addresses or NAT
  • » NAT Port Forwarding and Built-in Firewall Available
  • » 5 POP3 E-mail Accounts, Webmail (IMAP) Included
  • » Backup Dial-up Account (PPP)
  • » One DSL Line Filter/Splitter for Phone/fax Filtering
  • » Free Technical Support via Telephone or Email

Benefits of GTI DSL versus Others

Being a small business, our support personnel possess technical aptitude. When you call us, you're not waiting on hold to speak to a customer service department. You are, instead, talking to people with technical backgrounds who understand the technology we're providing. This quality is reflected in our equipment as well: unlike most other carrier's offerings, GTI provides you with a router instead of just a "modem". Our routers are layer 3 (IP-aware), require no software to be installed on your system, and are preconfigured at signup before they're shipped. For you, this means "plug 'n play" use. Routers are remotely managed by our knowledgeable staff. Together with static IPs, another feature not offered by most other DSL providers, you're not only able to access the Internet over the DSL, but also the inverse--you can access your network remotely. This allows you to run services (mail, web, VPN, RDP/TS/VNC, SSH etc.) so you can reach your computers while outside the office.

How it Works

ADSL (Asynchronous DSL) operates over a conventional telephone line and, since it works outside the voice band, can be installed on an existing phone line. You don't need a second phone line, nor do you need to stagger your usage between voice calls and Internet usage--with ADSL you can do both simultaneously on the same line. If you don't have an existing phone line, we can install a dry loop, which is a DSL-only line (no dialtone, so no phone bill!). ADSL is an "always-on" connection, meaning there is no dial or hangup process, no busy signals, nor any charges incurred from your telephone company for using ADSL. And, unlike cable Internet service, ADSL service infrastructure is built in a "star" topology meaning each subscriber has their own path to the service provider equipment, whereas cable uses a shared bus on which performance degrades as more subscribers in the neighborhood are added. ADSL services run at different speeds upstream and downstream, and more bandwidth is always allocated to the downstream channel since typical Internet usage pulls more data down from the Internet than it sends up to it.

Terms of Service

DSL services are provided on a 1 year term. Discounts available for 2 and 3 year terms. DSL is a distance-sensitive technology; as such, you must be within 18,000 feet (about 3.4 miles) of your telephone company's Central Office to qualify for service. Standard DSL installation can take 1-2 weeks but generally takes 7 business days or less, as long as no problems are encountered. There is an install fee, starting at $49/flat, for all DSL products. There are no monthly charges from your telephone company. The DSL routers are loaned to you for the life of the service, and are to be returned at termination.

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