Spam is unsolicited (generally commercial) "junk" email. GTI uses a multi-tiered approach to filtering spam. All of GTI's mail servers use RBLs (DNS-based Realtime Black Lists) and the latest mail server software to stay current with popular spam prevention methods. We also run heuristic scanners to scan all mail that passes the RBL and initial built-in tests. These heuristic filters are your second line of defense, providing an additional, more "intelligent" layer of filtering, able to evaluate each message's contents to determine whether a message is spam or ham based on complex rules and algorithms.

For customers who need still an additional and stronger layer of filtering, GTI offers EAV (Email AntiVirus). This service is also available to non-GTI customers--your mail does not need to be hosted with us to take advantage of EAV. This is ideal if you host your own mail in-house (e.g. on an internal Exchange server) and need stronger spam filtering with the addition of antivirus scanning.

Our EAV server runs Trend Micro's InterScan Messaging Security Suite. It is implemented by changing your domain's MX record to MXes control your domain's mail routing in the global Internet, thus EAV is effective by forcing ALL inbound mail to pass through its scanning modules first. EAV then delivers the "clean" mail to your server's IP address


  • » Address-based Whitelisting and Blacklisting
  • » Adjustable Scan Sensitivity
  • » Your Choice of Automatic Deletion or Tag & Deliver for Recognized Spam
  • » Implemented at the DNS Layer, Ensuring All Mail Passes Through EAV First
  • » Transparency: no software, or modifications of your mail server required
  • » Flexibility: your actual mailboxes don't have to be hosted with us to use EAV
  • » Queuing: If your server is down, EAV will hold (queue) your mail for up to 48 hours, providing you a built-in, value-added mail backup as part of the EAV service

EAV pricing is determined by the approximate number of email accounts you have. Please call us to determine an EAV plan for you.

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