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Q: What are my inbound POP3 and outbound SMTP servers?

If you have web hosting with GTI, your POP3 and SMTP server is your domain name with the "mail." prefix, e.g. If you have an mailbox, your POP3 server is; your outbound SMTP server can also be, but only if you have a GTI-provided Internet connection (dialup, DSL, T1 etc.). If you do not have a GTI Internet connection, please use the outbound SMTP server of your connection provider.

Q: Is there a webmail system available for use while traveling?

Yes. If you have an mailbox, use . If you have web hosting, it will be

Q: My mail program is displaying an error message to the affect of 'unable to connect to [POP3] or [SMTP] server'. What should I do?

Test your ability to reach the mail server. Go to Tools -> Accounts or Edit -> Preferences, or wherever your mail program stores its settings, and see what your POP3 and SMTP servers are set to. Then go to Start -> Run, type cmd, and press OK. A black box should appear. Type: telnet (mail server name, no parenthesis) 25 and press enter. This will test your ability to transmit data on port 25 and send outbound mail, a common problem. If it works the black window will go blank for a few seconds, then you will get a 220 greeting back from the mail server. If it fails, the telnet command will timeout and display an error after 30-60 seconds. Likewise, you can use the same command to test you ability to transmit on port 110 for receiving inbound mail: telnet (server name) 110. If your mail program still fails, call in for support or use Webmail until you can call.

Q: My mail program shows that its downloading 'message x of y' but its not making any progress. The computer is not frozen but the mail program is stuck on message x of y. What can I do?

Use webmail as described above to find and delete the problem message.

Q: I've received a warning message that my mailbox quota has been exceeded. What should I do?

The easiest way to clean out your email account on our server is to use Webmail. If your POP3 mail program is set to leave copies on the server, this is probably the culprit and will need to be adjusted by decreasing the amount of time (usually in days) you leave copies on the server. In Outlook this is under Tools -> Accounts, Properties of your account, More Settings/Advanced.

Q: What are GTI's DNS servers?

Our primary DNS server is (NS.GTI.NET), the secondary is (NS2.GTI.NET).

Q: What is my IP address?

From the computer on which you're reading this page, your IP address is:

Q: How do I manage my domain and email accounts through the Plesk Control Panel?

Management is accomplished through the Plesk control panel, which requires SSL (https://) on port 8443, e.g.

Q: I'm receiving a lot of mail with *****SPAM****** in the subject line. What do I do?

This is our filter tagging and delivering what it recognizes as spam. If you'd like to have it delete the spam instead, log into your Plesk control panel using your full email address (lowercase) as the username, go to Spam Filter, set the action to Delete instead of Tag & Deliver, press the Set button, then the Logout button at the left.

Q: I'm receiving a lot of bounce emails (undeliverable notifications) regarding messages I didn't even send, and most of it looks like spam. It appears someone is using my email address to send spam!

Unfortunately this has become a common problem due to inherent weaknesses in the design of SMTP, the protocol responsible for routing mail through the Internet. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) has been created to deal with this problem. You can read more about it at If you would like to see if you can benefit from using SPF, please call or email us.

Q: My DSL connection appears to be down. What should I try first?

Powercycling your DSL router is the first thing to try. You should have a Zyxel DSL router, which is a small black or dark (navy) blue box reading "Zyxel" on the front. Check to make sure all cables are plugged in and the DSL light is steady green. If DSL is flashing or off, powercycle the router by turning it off (with the power button in back or unplug the power cord), allowing it to be off for 30 seconds, then turning it back on. The PWR and SYS lights will flash first, then DSL will begin to flash and should go steady green within a few minutes. When it does, re-test your Internet connection.

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