Homework H(e)aven [Reference]Help with your schoolwork from the 6 reference librarians at Morris County Library.
WRITING PAPERS: from Asst. Professor Jack Lynch, Rutgers University
Guide to Grammar and Style and
Getting an A on an English paper
Guide to Grammar & Writing: sentences, paragraphs, papers. Excellent resource.

Digital Book Index--search 80,000 books online fulltext (35K are free, 55K are for $$$). Also links out to foreign language sites for fulltext books in German, French, Spanish and Portugese.
ALEX--online texts--Need a Poe short story at midnight?!
Online books--Carnegie Mellon
Shakespeare Bookshelf--the plays and the poems
Shakespeare Resource Center--from bardweb.net
Literary Criticism--from the Internet Public Library
Use THIS PAGE for stuff on books and authors
Unbelievable dictionary collection!--even has Klingon and Vulcan.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook (3100 BC to 3rd century AD), from Fordham University
Cuneiform, Sumerian--different topics
Tufts Perseus Project--Papyri, Greek and Latin texts....and Christopher Marlowe!
Medieval/Renaissance Language and Literature--Labyrinth Project at Georgetown
American Archives--documents of American Revolution, 1774-1776.
Law, current and historic--from Cornell (great page on the law behind the Amistad case)
18th-20th century US documents and treaties--from Yale
Laws & customs of England, 13th century--in Latin and English! Useful for history, Chaucer or Shakespeare studies
American Social History Online--five centuries of information, by decades

Speech/debate: American Rhetoric--Online speech bank, Top 100 speeches, etc.

Congressional Research Reports--the public domain reports from Congress' "think tank", provided by Open CRS
ProCon.org: pros and cons of controversial issues--good for debates
Television News Archive, 1968+ --from Vanderbilt
US Dept of State--country reports, human rights practices and background notes. What more could you ask for?
Presidents of the United States--all 43 of them
History of US Diplomacy, by Presidential administrations--from US Dept of State, Office of the Historian
US Congress--what's current in DC?
Bureau of the Census--its not just population! latest figures.

Images and sounds from US history--Library of Congress
Digital Gallery from the New York Public Library
Maps from National Geographic--be sure to click on printable map!
Univ of Texas, Perry Casteña Map Collection

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy--who were the Stoics, anyhow?
Ethics Updates--theory and application, from U San Diego
Inflation calculator--from US Bureau of Labor Statistics. What did it cost then...and now?
Federal Reserve Board, NY--money, interest rates and currency conversion
Resources for Economists--U Washington at St. Louis
Liber8, from the St. Louis US Federal Reserve
Purchasing power of the U.S. dollar, 1665-present--also exchange rates U.S. Dollar/British Pound 1771-1999
WebMath includes Trig, Calculus, Graphing..all kinds of stuff. The fellow who wrote this page is in graduate physics at UVa.
Online calculators

RELIGION: Virtual Religion Index, from Mahlon H. Smith, Religion Dept., Rutgers University

European Commission
UN ...UNICEF .... Intl Labor Organization ....Food & Agriculture Organization
World Bank
International Monetary Fund
World Health Organization
Intl Telecommunications Union
British Government
Canadian Government

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