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Morris County (NJ) newspapers, title list

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These papers are owned by the indicated Morris County town libraries. If you are researching other New Jersey areas, or do not find the newspaper you need listed on our survey, contact us. Newspaper titles, dates and locations can also be researched using the Directory of New Jersey Newspapers: 1765-1970 (Wright & Stellhorn) or Newspapers in Microform (Library of Congress).

In addition to these resources, most libraries maintain clippings files, scrapbooks and other local history collections. You can always write or call a library for help with tracking down local information. Your librarian can provide you with the appropriate contacts. Looking for an obituary?

ABC ParaGraphs, American Hard Rubber. Co.
employee newsletter, July 1919-Dec 1920, inc. Morris County Library
Aim Community News/Falcon Edition--no indexing
Jefferson (1999-present)
Argus--no indexing
Pequannock (3 months)
The Beacon: News of the Diocese of Paterson--no indexing
Morris County Library (3 months)
Boonton Times--no indexing
Boonton-Holmes (1872-1937)
Centinel of Freedom--no indexing
Morris County Library (1796-Sept. 11, 1804)
Chatham Courier
Chatham (1946-present microfilm; 1954-2004 digitized), Morris County Library (3 months)
Chatham Press--no indexing
Chatham (1902-1983)
Chatham Township Echoes--in indexing
Chatham (1965-1974)
Chatham Independent Press--no indexing
Chatham (current year)
Citizen of Morris County (Denville, Dover, Rockaway Boro, Rockaway Twp.--no indexing
Boonton-Holmes (current 2 weeks), Denville (1946-present), Morris County Library (3 months), Parsippany (1 month), Rockaway Boro (1 month), Rockaway Twp. (3 months)
Citizen of Morris County, Bugle Edition (Boonton, Boonton Twp, Montville, Mountain Lakes)--no indexing
Montville (1 year), Morris County Library (3 months),Mountain Lakes (1945-1978 bound; July-December 1988 + current year),
The Craftsman (Gustav Stickley)--no indexing
Morristown (October 1901-December 1916)
Daily Record--indexing 1993-2004 @ Morristown Library; online indexing 2004-present (Requester database/selective) @ Morris County Library; business page indexing @ Morris County Library (mid 1970s-June 30, 2004); obits indexed @ Morristown PL 1935, 1937 to present.
Morris County Library (1900-present), Morristown (1900-present)
Democratic Banner (Morristown--indexing for marriages & obituaries
Morristown (May 5, 1881-February 8, 1917) digitized and microfilm)
Denville Herald--no indexing
Denville (1930-1956)
Dover Advance--no indexing
Dover (1903-1987)
Dover Daily Journal (1895-96)
Morris County Library
Dover Index--no indexing
Dover (1900-1906)
Echoes-Sentinel--no indexing
Long Hill Twp. (1951-present)
Florham Park Community News--local obits indexed 1960-1980
Florham Park (1960-1979, with gaps)
Florham Park Eagle--local obits indexed 1960-present
Florham Park ( 1980-present)
Genius of Liberty (Morristown)--indexing for marriages & obits only 1798-1811
Morristown (1798-1814)
Hanover Eagle--no indexing
East Hanover (1994-present), Morris County Library (3 months), Whippanong (1 year)
HarpWeek (Harper's Weekly Newspaper; 1852-1912)
Hiawatha Trail, monthly newsletter
Lake Hiawatha area, 1934-1937, Morris County Library.
Hunterdon Gazette (1825-1866)
Morris County Library, CD
Iron Era--no indexing
Dover (1872-1905), Morristown (digitized & microfilm, 1872-1905), Rockaway Twp 1872--1904 online, Rockaway Library
Jerseyman (Morris County)--indexing for marriages and obits only 1826-1930; all news 1855-1920; digitized (1849-1930)
Morristown (1832-1930, microfilm)
Lakeland News--no holdings, including NJSL, Rutgers, NPL, NJ Historical Society
Life & Leisure--no indexing
Riverdale (1 month)
Madison Eagle--indexing 1882-present
Madison (1882-present)
Madison Eye Opener--no indexing
Madison & Morristown (April-June 1877)
Madison Independent Press--no indexing
Madison (1 year), Morris County Library (3 months)
Madison Journal--no indexing
Madison & Morristown (June 1877-August 1882)
Morris County Chronicle--indexing for marriages and obits only, 1849-1899
Morristown nad Morris County Library (1877-1914)
Morris County News Journal--no indexing
Morris County Library (1966-1968)
Morris News Bee--no indexing
Morris County Library (3 months), Morris Plains (1 month), Morristown (October 1946-current), Morris Plains Museum (1946-2000) (contact: 973-683-1089)
Morris Plains Chronicle--no indexing
Morris Plains Museum (1929-1930)
Morris Republican--no indexing
Morristown (1872-1877)
Morristown Topics--no indexing
Morristown (1920-1927)
Mt Lakes News (1962-1968) no indexing
Mountain Lakes Library
Mt. Olive Chronicle
Morris County Library (3 months), Mt. Olive (1979-present)
Mt. Olive/Netcong Weekly--no indexing
Mt. Olive (1 year)
Mt. Tabor Daily Record--no indexing
Morristown (1877-1887)
Mountain Lakes News--no indexing
Mountain Lakes (1962-1968)
National Enquirer and Pennsylvania Freeman--no indexing
Neighbor News--no indexing
Boonton-Holmes (current 2 weeks), Rockaway Twp. (3 months), Wharton (1 year)
New Jersey Freeman (Boonton)--no indexing
Morristown (1844-1850)
New Jersey Gazette--indexed Index to Selected Material from the New Jersey Gazette 1777-1786 (NJ 071.49 Clo)
Morris County Library (1777-1786)
New Jersey Herald
Jefferson Library (1 month)
New Jersey Jewish News-Metrowest edition--no indexing
Morris County Library (3 months)
New Jersey Journal (Chatham)--indexed 1787-1791
Morristown (1779-1783)
Newark Evening News--no indexing
Morristown (September 1, 1883-January 29, 1926)
Observer-Tribune--no indexing
Chester (1955-present, missing 1957-58, 1968 & 1970; being digitized), Mendham Boro (3 years), Mendham Twp. (3 months), Morris County Library (3 months), Washington Twp. (2003-2007 CDRom; 1 year paper)
Palladium of Liberty (Morristown)--indexing for marriages and obits only, 1810-1834 (Morristown)
Morristown and Morris County Libraries(1810-1831)
Parsippany Life--no indexing
Parsippany (1 month)
Patron of Industry (Morristown)--no indexing
Morristown (May 31-Sept. 13, 1827)
Pequannock Valley Argus (also titled Butler Argus, Bloomingdale Argus)--no indexing
Morristown (1890-1951)
Randolph Reporter--no indexing
Morris County Library (3 months), Randolph (1979-present, missing 1980 and 1987)
Regional Weekly News--no indexing
East Hanover (1958-1994)
Rockaway Record
Rockaway Twp. (digitized, 1892-1935 with gaps & 1936-1956 on CD
Roxbury News--no indexing
Morris County Library (February 1958-1963)
Roxbury News Journal---no indexing
Morris County Library (1964-1965)
Roxbury Register--no indexing
Morris County Library (3 months), Mt. Arlington (3 months), Roxbury (1989-present)
Stanhope Eagle (Stanhope)--indexed 1885-1949
Morristown (1885-1950)
Star Journal (incorporated with News-Leader January, 2002)--no indexing
Morris County Library (1987-2000)
Star Ledger (Newark)--index 1996-present searchable from home (requires Morris County Library Card); index 1989-present available in all Morris County libraries until 12/2008.
Morris County Library (1945-present)
Suburban Trends Note: digitized from 1958 at Butler, Lincoln Park, Morris County Library, Morristown, Mt Olive, Pequannock and Riverdale
Butler (6 months), Kinnelon (1 year), Lincoln Park (current paper), Morris County Library (digitized to date and latest 3mos in paper), Morristown (digitized 1958-2008), Mt. Olive (1971-2008), Pequannock (2 years paper), Riverdale (3 months paper)
Times-Bulletin--no indexing
Boonton-Holmes (1962-1979), Mountain Lakes (1962-1977)
True Democratic Banner (Morristown)--indexing for marriages and obits, November 8, 1949-April 28, 1881
Morristown (1849-1881)
Washington Whig: East Jersey Republican--no indexing
Morris County Library (1815-1820)
West Morris Star Journal--no indexing
Morris County Library (1969-1986)

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