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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, October 1-15, 1900

None advertised, new or used

Hat, Men's, Fine Felt Alpines, .48/each
Hat, Women's, French felt, untrimmed, .35/each
Men's coat, top coat, 6.98/each
Men's shirt, Eighmie, White, 1.00-2.00/each
Men's suspenders, "President" brand, .50/pair
Men's suit, worsted, 7.00-16.00/each
Men's underwear, blue ribbed, 1.00/suit

Employment & services
None listed with prices

Food & beverages
Apple butter, .15/3 lb crock
Beans, new kidney, .10/quart
Beef, rib roast, .10/lb
Butter, Best Elgin Creamery, .25/lb
Capons, .16/lb
Chocolate, Huyler, .34/lb
Coffee, Pure Mocha & Java, .35/lb
Cream custard, Burnham's, .25/2 pkgs
Flour, Price XXXX, 4.45/bbl
Ham, Best Sugar Cured, .12/lb
Herring, smoked, large box, .19/box
Lamb chops, shoulder, .10/lb
Lemons, .15/dozen
Maple Syrup, new, .90/gallon
Peas, Choice, canned, .07/can or .25/4 cans
Pork, salt, .12/lb
Sardines, imported, oil, .09/can or .25/3 cans
Sausage, .12/lb
Tea, .50-.70/tin
Tomatoes, Choice, can, .08/can

None advertised

Household & seasonal goods
Apple parer, .50 & .60/each
Ash can, 1.49/each
Coal hod, .15-.38/each
Floor wax, .75/gallon
Flower pots, .02/each
Hose, rubber, .07, .08 &.12/foot
Kerosene oil, .50/5 gallons
Lawn mower, 2.35/8-10 inches
Nozzles, brass, .29 &.48/each
Pancake griddle, .35/each
Stable lanterns, .50/each
Stove pipe, .10/each
Washing fluid, Klein Kloas, .20/2 bottles

Daily Record [Morristown NJ], .01/weekday paper

Personal care & health
Soap, Borax, .49/10 cakes
Soap, Armour's floating tar soap, .49/10 cakes
Soap, Jas. S. Kirk's Snowberry Toilet Soap, .49/10 cakes
Toilet paper, Perfection, .09/roll or .25/3 rolls
Vitamin's Hansen's Compressed Cocavena "The New Century Health Food," .25/18 tablets

Real estate
Houses for sale
None advertised
Houses for rent
Some advertised, no prices listed
Apartments & rooms
None advertised

Recreation & amusements
Camera plate, Eastman, 4"X5", .44/doz
Camera tripod, 1.00-1.75/each
Restaurant, Louisa Vismara, 2.50/meal ticket
Toning solution (camera film developing), .25/8 oz bottle

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