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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, December 1-15, 1921

Hupmobile, sedan, 2,150.00
Chalmers, 1,295.00
Hupmobile, roadster or touring, 1,250.00
1921, Chevrolet, mileage 3,000, 375.00
1920, Case, sedan, 1,200.00
1919, Auburn touring, newly painted, 200.00

Boy's rubber coat, 5.00/each
Children's coat, 5.50/each
Men's collars, Arrow, 1.00/6
Men's handkerchief, .65/3
Men's necktie, silk, .55/each
Men's shirt, silk, 4.95/each
Men's suit, 19.50-29.50/each
Shoes, Oxford, 5.95-7.95/each
Women's coat, natural raccoon, 16.50/each
Women's dress, Jowey Blansley, 10.93/each
Women's purse, .25-25.00/each
Women's shirtwaists, voile, .93/each
Women's skirt, wool, 3.93/each

Food & beverages
Bacon, Swift's Dixie bacon, .10/lb
Beef, chuck, .16/lb
Bread, A & P, .06/loaf
Butter, finest creamery, .45/lb
Candy, Maillard's sweet chocolate, .20/half lb
Cereal, Grape Nuts, .17/pkg
Chickens, roasting, .30/lb
Cookies, Nabisco, Fig Newtons, .19/lb
Corn, Maine style, .08/can
Duck, Long Island, .39/lb
Eggs, .47/dozen
Fish, Red Alaska, salmon, .19/tall can
Jam, blackberry, .25/1.5 lb pkg.
Ham, smoked calas, .22/lb
Macaroni, .10/pkg
Milk, Van Camps, evaporated, .09/can
Oil, Encore rare imported Italian olive, .89/quart
Ox tails, fresh, .10/lb
Pancake flour, Aunt Jemima's, .12/box
Peanut butter, .15/lb
Pork Roll, Taylor's, .40/lb
Raisins, Sun Maid, .21/pkg
Sausage, pure pork, .28/lb
Sugar, .05/lb
Tea, Orange Pekoe, .12/quarter lb pkg.
Tomatoes, New Pack, .08/#2 can
Yeast, Magic, .08/pkg.

Bedroom suite, 4 piece, 85.00/set
Book case, 23.50/each
Breakfast room suite, 6 piece, 76.00/set
Chair, hand carved, mahogany, covered in French brocaded velour, 1,632.00/each
Chair, throne, 181.50/each
Dining room suite, 198.00/set
Lamp, floor, 12.98/each
Living room suite, 3 piece, 165.00/set
Table, dining room, 14.98/each
Tea wagon, 6.98/each

Household & seasonal goods
Broom, 1.00/2 units
Christmas cards, .02-1.00/each
Christmas tree lights, eight-light strand, 1.95/box
Dish washer, electric, 125.00/each
Flashlight, .59/each
Iron, Hot Point, electric, 5.95/6 lb unit
Lunch box, .05/each
Oil, Maralin, for oil cloths, .10/pkg.
Padlock, .10/each
Paint, 2.19/gallon
Pencil, Evershart, .50-6.00/each
Percolator, Hot Point, 6 cup, nickel plate, 12.75/each
Rat poison, "Rat Corn," .25-1.00/pkg.
Sand paper, .20/dozen
Snow shovel, .75/each
Toaster, electric, 3.75/each
Wallpaper, .15/roll
Washboard, .25/each
Washing machines, electric, 125.00/each
Woodstove, 3.50-4.50/each

Personal care & health
Beecham's Pills for liver & indigestion, .10/12 pills
Curling iron, Hot Point, 6.50/each
Linament, Sloan's, .35-1.40/pkg.
Quinine, Cascara, .30/bottle
Razor, 1.50-4.00/each
Soap, Kirkman's, .27/5 cakes
Toilet paper, Blue Ribbon, 1.00/30 rolls

Real estate
Houses for sale
7 rooms, garage, 6,500.00
6 rooms, 3,500.00
Double house, 8 rooms, 3,500.00
Farm, 8 room house & 25 acres, 12,000.00
Houses for rent
Bungalow, 4 rooms, unfurnished, 40.00/month

Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 5 room flat with bath, 45.00/month
Morristown, furnished room, 10.00/month
Morristown, YMCA furnished rooms, 4.25/week

Recreation & amusements
Bicucle, Columbia, 35.00-52.50/each
Concert, Morristown High School, 1.00-2.00/ticket
Dance, Miller Hall [Morristown, NJ] .55/ticket, including war tax
Doll go cart, 1.00/each
Dolls, walking & talking, 3.00-12.00/each
Theatre ticket, Palace, .17 & .22/matinee; .22 & .33/evening
Victrola, 25.00-300.00/each

Tobacco & alcohol
Prohibition; no alcohol advertised
No tobacco products advertised
Malt & hops, Budweiser Anheuser Bush, 1.25

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