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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, May 1-15, 1922

Jewett-6, new, 1,065.00
Nash, new, 965.00-2,390.00
Overland, new, 550.00
Packard, new, 2,100.00
Chandler Six, new, 1,595.00
Maxwell Touring car, new, 885.00
Hupmobile, used, 1919, 550.00
Buick Roadster, used, no date, 200.00
Tires, U.S. Tire Company, 10.90/each

Appleju (carbonated apple juice), 3.60/ 2 doz. pints
Milk, evaporated, 1.00/10 cans
Root beer, Dr. Swift's, 8 oz 2.25/24 bottles

Men's oxfords [shoes], 1.95
Women's middy blouse, 1.98
Women's handbag, 1.00
Women's French heel oxfords [shoes], 7.00/pair
Women's tailored suits, (2) 49.50
Women's coat, reg. 39.50, sale 29.50
Women's trimmed hats, 2.00
Women's silk frocks, 14.95-45.00
Tot's dresses, reg. 1.00, sale .79
Infant's white dresses , reg 1.98, sale 1.00
Children's shoes, 1.59-2.95/pair
Umbrellas, reg. 4.00, sale 2.50

Cook, private family, 80.00/month
Fireman, licensed, 107.50/month
Gardener, 75.00/month
Hosiery salespersons, 40.00/week
Salesman, tires, 100.00/month + commission

Apples, Baldwin, .65/4 quarts
Bacon, .45/lb
Bananas, .30/dozen
Bread, .05/loaf
Butter, .43/lb
Catsup, 16 oz. bottle .20/bottle
Cereal, Kellogg's corn flakes, .15/2 packages
Cheese, NY whole milk, .19/lb
Cookies, Nabisco sugar wafers, .15/package
Crisco, .57/1 lb tin
Eggs, .39/dozen
Ham, Swift Premium, .35/lb
Jell-O, .08/package
Mayonnaise, .50/1 quart jar
Onions, Texas, .20/3 lbs
Oranges, Sunkist, .20/dozen
Peanut butter, .15/8 oz jar
Potatoes, .85/16 quart basket
Preserves, A & P, .20/1 lb jar
Prime rib roast, .31/lb
Rice, .16/3 lbs

Bedroom set, 4 piece, 145.00
Couch-bed, England, 18.50
Dining room set, 10 piece, 155.00
Living room set, 3 piece, 125.00

Garden equipment
---none advertised---

Household goods
Bed spread, satin finish, full, 5.49
Borax, .24/5 cakes
Clothes pins, .10/3 dozen
Curtains, 1.00/pair
Lamps, Edison Mazda, .35-1.80
Matches, Double tip, .04/box
Lux soap flakes, .08/package
Table cloth, 72X108, reg. 15.00, sale 11.25
Tea kettles, aluminum, reg. 3.75, sale 2.95
Vacuum sweeper, electric, 35.00
Wall paper, .05-.25/roll

Medicine & health care
Bell-ans for indigestion (pills), .25-.75/pkg
Beecham's pills for irregularity, .10/12 pills
Powder, Sykes comfort, .30/tin box

Daily Record, .02/weekday paper
Classified advertising, .01/word

Personal care
Perfume, 1.00/bottle
Razor, Gillette "Brownie", 1.00/each
Soap, Ivory, .20/3 bars
Toilet paper, .06/roll

Professional Services
Dry cleaning, men's suit, 1.25
Ford cars painted, 25.00-35.00/each
Haircut, men's, .25
Oil change (automobile), 1.00/car

Real estate
House, 10 rooms, Morristown, 20,000.00
House, 8 rooms, Morristown, 8,000.00
House, 6 rooms, new, Morris Plains, 6,800.00
Farm, 40 acres with 12 room house, 9,000.00
Apartment, 5 rooms, 65.00/month
YMCA room, Morristown, 4.25/week

Recreation & amusements
Banjo Uke (musical instrument) 7.00
Baseball game, Morristown A.A. vs. Panama Red Caps, .50/ticket
Concert, Morristown Orchestral Society, .75- 1.00/ticket
Golf clubs, 5.50-7.50/set
Movie & vaudeville show, Lyons Theatre, .33-.55/ticket
Pianos, used, 50.00+
Roller skates, 1.85
Ruppel Greater Shows, Morris Plains
Children's rides & shows, .05/each
Seaplane rides, .10/passenger

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