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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, July 1-15, 1968

BMW, 2,597.00
Chevrolet, Impala, sport coup, 3,468.00
Toyota, Corona, 1,930.00
1967, Ford Mustang, V8, 2,095.00
1965, Plymouth Sports Fury, 1595.00
1959, Ford Convertible, 200.00

Boy's sport coat, 19.95-24.95/each
Junior's jacket, cotton, 2.00/each
Junior's pant suit, 12.50-31.98/each
Men's jacket, golf, 4.88-8.95/each
Men's shirt, short sleeve, 3.99-5.00/each
Men's shoes, Bostonian, 19.95-25.95/each
Men's slacks, tropical, 13.95-16.95/pair
Men's sport coat, dacron & wool, 39.95-50.00/each
Men's suit, Botany, tropical, 69.95-89.95/each
Women's bathing suit, 6.99/each
Women's dress, knit, 17.99-23.00/each
Women's sandals, 1.33-1.99/pair
Women's shoes, Naturalizer, 11.00-19.00/pair
Women's shorts, Bermuda, 10.99-14.00/each
Women's swim suit, 13.99-17.99/each

Accountant, 7,500.00/year
Clerk, 4,100.00/year
Clerk typist, 75.00-85.00/week
Draftsman, junior, 7,200.00/year
Engineer trainee, 7,000.00-7,500.00/year
Math clerk, 97.00/week
Salesman, 8,500.00/year
Secretary, legal, 110.00/week

Food & beverages
Baby food, Gerber's, .07/4.5 oz jar
Beef, sirloin steak, .95/lb
Bread, Shop Rite, .39/12 oz loaf
Cake, Sara Lee, pound, .59/12 oz pkg
Cherries, Bing, .49/lb
Coffee, Maxwell House, .69/lb
Corn, fresh, .29/3 ears
Fish, tuna, Bumble Bee, .89/three 6.5 oz cans
Frankfurters, .59/lb pkg
French fries, Shop Rite, frozen, 1.00/three 2 lb bags
Ham, Swift, canned, 3.99/5 lb can
Hamburger rolls, Foodtown, .25/8 oz pkg
Jell-O, .07/pkg
Juice, Hawaiian Punch, .89/three 1 quart 14 oz cans
Ketchup, .59/two 20 oz bottles
Ice cream, Eskimo Pie, .59/6 pack
Lemons, .25/6
Margarine, Blue Bonnett, .26-.34/lb
Marshmallows, Kraft, .49/two 1 lb pkgs
Mayonnaise, Hellman's, .59/quart jar
Nectarines, .29/lb
Peaches, .19/lb
Peanut butter, Peter Pan, .45/18 oz jar
Popcorn, Virginia Lee, .25/7 oz pkg
Potato chips, Shop Rite, .39/12 oz pkg
Sugar, Domino, .53/5 lb bag
TV Dinner, Swanson, .69/lb pkg
Watermelon, .05/lb
Yogurt, Shop Rite, .29/two half pint containers

Air conditioner, 5000 BTU, 99.00/each
Dishwashing detergent, Dove, .57/22 oz bottle
Fan, El Dorado, electric 20", 12.88/each
Freezer, Hotpoint, 10.1 cu ft, 149.00/each
Laundry detergent, Surf, .64/50 oz box
Matches, Packer, book, .10/50 count box
Paint, house, 4.69-5.99/gallon
Paper cups, Jolly, 7 oz size, .59/100 count bag
Paper plates, Fonda, 9", .79/100 count pkg
Range, gas, 30", 129.88/each
Refrigerator, Hotpoint, 11.6 cu ft, 199.95/each
Washing machine, Hotpoint, 159.00/each

Lawn & garden
Bar-B-Q grill, 16" on long legs, 1.99-3.49/each
Candles, Citronella, 1.00/3
Chair, folding, lawn, 3.49/each
Charcoal, Oakburne, 1.17/20 lb bag
Charcoal lighter fluid, Gulf-Lite, .49/quart
Flag set, 3' X 5', 2.44/set
Hammock, Hancock-Lounge, 9.99/each
Hibachi barbeque grille, cast iron, 8.99/double size
Hose, garden, vinyl, .69/50 feet
Insecticide, Raid, .99-1.39/14.5 oz can
Lawn mower, 19", 39.88/each
Picnic table set, California redwood, 28.80/set
Rake, leaf, .66/each
Watering can, 1.66/2 gallon capacity

.10/daily paper

Personal care & health
Antiseptic spray, Bactine, 1.49/4.5 oz container
Baby lotion, Mennen, Baby Magic, .79/9 oz bottle
Baby powder, Mennen, .69-.89/14 oz can
Band-aids, .47/31 count pkg
Deodorant, Right Guard, spray, .79/7 oz can
Diapers, disposable, Pampers, 1.49/box of 36
Hair spray, Hidden Magic, .99/6 oz can
Insect repellant, Off, .44-.69/3.8 foam type can
Petroleum jelly, Vaseline, .49/8 oz jar
Shaving cream, Rise, .59/11 oz can
Shampoo, Prell, .99/11.5 oz bottle
Skin cream, Noxema, .49/4 oz jar
Soap, Dove, .37/2 regular bars
Sunglasses, .77-1.00/pair
Suntan oil, Coppertone, .99-1.50/9 oz bottle
Toilet paper, Scott, .45/four 1,000 count sheet rolls
Toothpaste, Colgate, .65/8 oz tube
Vitamins, Chocks, 1.97-3.29/100 count bottle

Real estate
Houses for sale
Hanover Twp., 3 bedrooms, 39,900.00
Morris Twp., 4 bedrooms, colonial, 49,500.00
Morristown, two family, 19,500.00
Houses for rent
Boonton, 2 bedrooms, 230.00/month
Lake Hopatcong, cottage, summer rental, 140.00/week
Mendham Boro, 4 bedrooms, 275.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Dover, efficiency, 135.00/month
Morristown, Heritage House, 1 bedroom, 155.00/month
Parsippany, Park Lake Village, 1 bedroom, 120.00/month

Recreation & amusements
Beach umbrella, 6.88/each
Camera, Polaroid, "Big Swinger," 17.85/each
Camera film, Kodak, color CX-126, 20 exposures, 3.49/each
Eight track stereo, Borg-Warner, 99.88/each
Golf balls, .88-1.38/3 pack
Golf clubs, 7 piece set, adult, 24.88-29.88/each
Phonograph, Panasonic, portable, 19.95/each
Radio, transistor, pocket, 3.49/each
Swimming pool, 21' X 21', above ground, installed, 479.00/each
Tape recorder, Panasonic, 29.95/each
Television, Panasonic, 88 square inch viewing area, 69.95/each
Tennis balls, .99/can of 3
Tennis racket, 3.88-5.95/each
Walkie talkie, 5.99/pair

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