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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, September 1-15, 1969

Ford Mustang, 3,175.00
Pontiac, Galaxie 500, 4,200.00
Pontiac, Torino, 4,266.00
1968, Plymouth, Fury III, 2,195.00
1965, Chevy, Impala, 895.00
1963, Corvair, 395.00

Boy's bellbottom slacks, 3.75/2 pairs
Boy's jacket, 8.88/each
Girl's jumper, 3.33/each
Girl's shoes, Buster Brown, 10.50-12.50/pair
Men's jacket, rancher style, corduroy, 17.99/each
Misses skirt, 2.99/each
Women's suit, 69.95/each

Accountant, no degree, 9,500.00
Auditor, degree, 12,500.00
Bookkeeper, 6,500.00
Draftsman, 10,000.00/year
Janitorial services, night, 104.00/week
Manager trainee, 7,500.00/year
Office manager, technical, 17,000.00
Parking lot attendant, 2.00/hour
Program analysis (computers), 12,500.00/year
R & D Technician, 6.500.00
Sales trainee, 1.75/hour

Food & beverages
Apples, McIntosh, .39/3 lb bag
Baby food, Heinz, strained, .09/4.5 oz jar
Bacon, Swift Premium, .89/lb
Bananas, Chiquita, .12/lb
Beef, chuck, .89/lb
Butter, Shop Rite, .77/lb
Cake, Pepperidge Farm, layer, .69/17 oz box
Cheez Whiz, Kraft, .79/16 oz jar
Coffee, Nescafe, instant, 1.27/10 oz jar
Coffee, Savarin, 1.39/2 lb can
Cookies, Keebler, Cocoanut Chocolate Drops, .43/15 oz bag
Corn, Green Giant, Niblets, .20/12 oz can
Crackers, Keebler, Town House, .43/16 oz box
Flour, Gold Medal, .29/5 lb bag
Frankfurters, Armour, .75/lb
Ham, Hormel, chopped, .89/lb
Juice, Minute Maid, orange, frozen, .87/twelve 12 oz cans
Lettuce, Iceberg, .19/head
Macaroni, Shop Rite, .85/five 16 oz pkgs
Margarine, Imperial, .37/lb
Oil, Wesson, .46/24 oz bottle
Onions, Yellow, .29/3 lb bag
Oranges, Sunkist, .59/10
Pears, Bartlett, .29/2 lbs
Pizza, Elios, frozen, .69/16 oz pkg
Potatoes, "A" size Eastern, .49/10 lb bag
Pudding, My-T-Fine, .39/four 4 oz pkgs
Soup, Campbell's, tomato, .10/10.75 oz can
Spaghetti sauce, Ragu, .58/quart jar
Sugar, .29/5 lb bag
Tea, Pantry Pride, .69/100 bags
Turkey, .29/lb

Household & seasonal goods
Bleach, Clorox, .48/gallon
Blender, Oster, 4 speed, 18.99/each
Carpet tiles, Ozite, 9" X 9", 1.00/4 tiles
Clothes dryer, Whirlpool, gas, 139.88/each
Dish detergent, Ivory liquid, .75/37 oz bottle
Frying pan, Teflon, 10", 1.47/each
Garbage can, galvanized steel, 1.87/each
Lawn seed, 19.80/25 lb bag
Paint, Dura-flex, interior flat, 3.69/gallon
Pepper mill, giant, 1.88-2.88/each
Range, Magic Chef, 299.99/each
Refrigerator, Frigidaire, 209.00/each
Sheets, satin, queen size, 6.00-12.99/each
Vacuum cleaner, Singer, upright, 79.88-99.50/each
Washing machine, Whirlpool, 159.99/each

.10/daily paper

Personal care & health
Aspirin, Bufferin, .99-1.49/100 count bottle
Baby powder, Johnson's, .48/9 oz can
Cold medicine, Dristan tablets, .79/24 count bottle
Hair conditioner, Clairol, Great Body, .99/3.5 oz bottle
Hair curlers, GE, electric, 17.83/set
Hair spray, Aqua Net, .49/13 oz can
Make up mirror, Lite-Alure, 3.88/each
Mouthwash, .39/32 oz bottle
Toothpaste, Crest, .69/6.75 oz tube
Weight loss salon, Figure Tone, 25.00/20 visits

Real estate
Houses for sale
Denville, 3 bedrooms, Dutch colonial, 26,900.00
Morristown, 8.5 rooms, 29,900.00
Rockaway, 4 bedrooms, colonial, 39,500.00
Houses for rent
Long Valley, 3 bedrooms, 200.00/month
Succasunna, 2 bedrooms, 250.00/month
White Meadow Lake, 2 bedrooms, 165.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Boonton, 3.5 rooms, 110.00/month
Morris Twp., 6 rooms, garden apartment, 265.00/month
Parsippany, 3.5 rooms, 145.00/month

Recreation & amusements
Bicycle, high rise, children's, 29.88-40.00/each
Cassette recorder, Sony, stereo, 179.50/each
Eight-track stereo tape player, CBS Masterwork, 69.88-89.88/each
Lite Brite, Hasbro, 5.66/each
Movie, 3.00/ticket
Movie projector, Doral, Super 8, 49.99/each
Playing cards, 1.00/4 packs
Radio, GE, AM/FM, table model, 16.83/each
Roller skating party, Livingston Roller Rink [Livingston, NJ], 20.00/10 children
Skittle Bowl, Aurora (game), 4.88/each
Sleeping bag, Coleman, 4 lb, 13.88-16.97/each
Slide projector, Sawyer's Totomatic, 99.99/each
Television, Magnavox, color, 598.50/each

School supplies
Book bag, large, 3.47/each
Composition books, 100 sheets, .28/each
Dictionary, Webster's, .97/each
Glue, Elmer's, .18/1.25 oz bottle
Loose leaf paper, .73/500 count pack
Lunch box, Aladdin, with 1 pint Thermos bottle, .99/set
Marker, fine line, .48/4 count pkg
Pencils, .53/22 count pack
Pens, Bic, .29/set
Ring binder, .69-2.99/each

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