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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, December 1-15, 1971

Ford, Torino, Squire Station Wagon, 3,895.00
Ford, Mustang, Grande, 3,395.00
Ford, Maverick, 2,195.00
1967, Pontiac Firebird, 1,195.00
1966, Ford, Galaxie, convertible, 850.00
1964, Ford, Falcon, station wagon, 395.00

Coat, hunting, 10.88/each
Men's coat, cashmere, 78.00/each
Men's shirt, Arrow, dress, 7.00/each
Men's suit, 69.00/each
Men's sweater, cashmere, 42.50/each
Women's dress, 12.00/each
Women's pants suit, double knit, polyester, 10.99/each
Women's skirt, 2.99/each
Women's slacks, 2.99/pair
Women's suit, 6.99/each

Food & beverages
Apple, McIntosh, .39/3 lb
Applesauce, Mott's, .19/15 oz jar
Bacon, .49/lb
Bananas, Chiquita, .12/lb
Beef, shoulder steak, 1.19/lb
Bisquick, .54/40 oz box
Bread, white, .89/three 20 oz loaves
Butter, Pantry Pride, .68/lb
Candy canes, .57/dozen
Cereal, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, .27/12 oz box
Cheese, Borden's, American, .89/1 lb pkg
Cheese, Laughing Cow, .49/4 oz
Coffee, Maxwell House, instant, 1.49/10 oz jar
Cookies, Nabisco, .49/10.5 oz pkg
Fish, tuna, Bumble Bee, .53/7 oz can
Flour, Pillsbury, .39/5 lb bag
Ham, smoked, .45/lb
Ketchup, Heinz, .25/14 oz bottle
Macaroni dinner, Kraft, .19/7.5 oz pkg
Margarine, Fleischmann's, .51/lb
Mayonnaise, Hellman's, .65/quart jar
Milk, homogenized, .98/gallon
Onions, Yellow #1, .20/3 lbs
Oranges, Florida, .59/10
Potatoes, Idaho, #1, .59/5 lbs
Preserves, Welchs, grape jelly, .38/20 oz jar

Bar, walnut, 2 stools, 79.88/each
Bed, walnut, bunk, 159.98/each
Carpet tile, shag, .55-.65/square foot
Chest, 5 drawers, 109.95/each
Vinyl tile, asbestos, 6.75/carton

Household & seasonal goods
Bleach, Clorox, .49/gallon
Christmas cards, .89-1.79/25 box
Christmas gift wrap, .63-1.09/jumbo roll
Christmas tree, 6', Scotch pine, artificial, 6.99-11.88/each
Clothes dryer, Hamilton, 138.00/each
Dish detergent, Joy, .48/22 oz bottle
Dishwasher, Hotpoint, Deluxe, 180.00/each
Laundry detergent, Bold, .77/49 oz
Range, continuous clean, 30", 168.00/each
Rock salt, Halite, .79/25 lb bag
Snow thrower, Agway, 7HP, 328.88-359.95/each
Washing machine, Whirlpool, 188.00

Personal care & health
Aspirin, Excedrin, .97/100 bottle
Cold cream, Pond's, 1.07/large jar
Cold medicine, Contact, time release capsules, .93/10 count package
Deodorant, Soft & Dri, .89/15 oz container
Lotion, Jergen's, .69/10 oz bottle
Mouthwash, Micrin, .99/32 oz bottle
Permanent wave, Toni, 1.27/pkg
Shampoo, Johnson's, baby, 1.09/16 oz bottle
Shaving cream, . 33/11 oz container
Toilet paper, .87/three 2 roll packages
Toothbrush, Squibb, electric, 11.88/each
Toothpaste, Close-up, .59/6.2 oz tube

Real estate
Houses for sale
Lincoln Park, 3 bedrooms, 34,500.00
Long Valley, 3 bedrooms, 42,000.00
Mendham, 5 bedrooms, 9 acres, pond, 125,000.00
Houses for rent
Morristown, 2 bedrooms, 255.00/month
Parsippany, 7 room ranch, 2 acres, 400.00/month
Rockaway, 6 rooms, 380.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Lake Hiawatha, 2 bedroom, 200.00/month
Parsippany, 3 rooms, 225.00/month

Recreation & amusements
Bicycle, 10 speed, 28.88/each
Doll, GI Joe, 6.49-8.29/each
Easy Bake Oven, Kenner, 7.77/each
Game, "Barrel of Monkeys," giant, 1.66/package
Game, Hasbro, Chinese Checkers, 1.44/each
Game, Milton Bradley, Monopoly, 3.49-3.99/each
Ice skates, 11.98/pair
Lecture, Jim Boulton ABC sportscaster, Fairleigh Dickinson University [Madison], 1.50/ticket
Ping pong table, 19.95/each
Play-Doh, .44/four 6 oz cans
Record albums (music), 3.38-4.99/each
Romper Room Inch Worm (riding toy), 10.99/each
Stereo system, Pioneer, SX 990, 369.95/each
Television, RCA, 28" color console, 328.00/each
Toy truck, Hess, fire truck, 1.69/each
TV Guide, .14/issue

Tobacco & alcohol
No tobacco advertised
Alcohol advertised, no prices provided

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