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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, January 1-15, 1997

Chrysler Concorde, 17,495.00
Plymoth Neon, 11,395.00
Plymouth Voyager FWD, 17,795.00
1995, Oldsmobile, Aurora, 23,495.00
1993, Toyota Camry, 12,993.00
1992, Mercury Grand Marquis, 9,992.00

Junior's jeans, Levi's, 28.79-39.99/pair
Men's coat, 108.75-212.50/each
Men's shirt, dress, 16.20-27.00/each
Men's shirt, flannel, 13.49-14.99/each
Men's shoes, Thornton Bay, casual, 39.99-70.00/pair
Men's slacks, 26.99-39.99/pair
Men's suit, 162.00-225.00/each
Running shoes, New Balance, 6000 cross trainers, 54.99/pair
Women's dress, career & holiday, 29.99-112.50/each
Women's gloves, Isotoner, 13.99-47.99/pair
Women's skirt, wool, 18.99-44.99/each
Women's suit, 69.50-139.99/each
Women's sweater, 12.49-26.99/each

Employment & services
Auto body painter, 21.50/hour
Bookkeeper, 24,000/year
Clerical/Customer service, 8.00/hour
Cook, 10.00/hour
Dental receptionist, 10.00-12.00/hour
Driver, 525.00/week
Laborer, 500.00/week
Newspaper delivery, 200.00/week
Pizza delivery, 10.00/hour
Property manager, assistant, 15,000-17,000/year

Food & beverages
Beef, chuck roast, boneless, 1.59/lb
Beef, ground chuck, 80% lean, .99/lb
Apples, Golden Delicious, .69/lb
Broccoli, large bunch, .99/bunch
Carrots, baby peeled, .89/lb bag
Cheese, Swiss, 2.99/lb
Chicken, oven roaster, .79/lb
Clementines, 5.49/5 lb box
Coffee, Chase & Sanborn, 1.99/11 oz can
Fish, flounder fillet, fresh, 5.99/lb
Grapefruit, red, .99/4
Ham, Boar's Head, gourmet, 4.99/lb
Ice Cream, Welsh Farms, 2.99/half gallon
Lemons, 1.00/10
Margarine, IGA, 1.00/two 16 oz pkgs
Mushrooms, Cello, fresh, .99/10 oz pkg
Pineapple, large, fresh, 1.89/each
Potatoes, Maine, all-purpose, .99/10 lb bag
Pork chops, center cut, 1.99/lb
Soda, Canada Dry, Ginger Ale, .79/2 liter bottle
Soup, Campbell's, Chicken Noodle, .97/two 11 oz cans
Tangelos, Florida, .99/10
Tomatoes, .59/lb
Waffles, IGA, 1.29/11 oz box

Household & seasonal goods
Clothes dryer, 219.97/each
Comforter, goose down, any size, 80.99-149.99/each
Cookware, T-Fal, 8 piece, 62.99-125.00/set
Dishwasher, General Electric, 299.97/each
Laundry detergent, Dynamo, 1.99/50 oz bottle
Microwave oven, Sharp, 1000 Watt, 139.97/each
Paper towels, IGA, 1.00/2 rolls
Range, Magic Chef, gas, 30", 449.97/each
Refrigerator, Whirlpool, 18 cu ft, 388.97/each
Sheets, twin size, 7.97/each
Toaster oven, Toastmaster, 26.99-54.99
Towel, Utica, bath size, 4.99/each
Vacuum cleaner, White Westinghouse, upright, 99.97/each
Washing machine, Hotpoint, 229.97/each

.35/daily paper

Personal care & health
Humidifier, Holmes, 39.97/each
Pain reliever, extra strength, 500 mg, 3.15/100 ct bottle
Sharkilage, softgels, 750 mg, 9.99/30 ct bottle
Vitamin E, capsules, .99/50 ct bottle

Real estate
Houses for sale
Long Valley, 4 bedrooms, split, 216,900.00
Roxbury, 3 bedrooms, brick ranch, 170,000.00
Wharton, 4 bedrooms, cape, 158,000.00
Houses for rent
Chatham, 2 bedrooms, 1,000.00/month
Dover, 3 bedrooms, cape, 1,250.00/month
Rockaway, 4 bedrooms, colonial, 2,000.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Budd lake, 1 bedroom, 630.00/month
Morris Plains, 4 rooms, 900.00/month
Parsippany, Knoll Gardens, 1 bedroom, 670.00/month

Recreation & amusements
AM/FM Cassette Walkman, Sony, 44.99/each
Antiques show, [New Hope, Pennsylvania], 6.00/admission
CD player, RCA, 69.97/each
Cake decorating class, Wilton, [J.C. Penney], 20.00/person
Camcorder, Sony, 8 mm HandyCam, 397.97-497.97/each
Computer, Compaq, multimedia, 1,699.00
Cruise, Carnival, Bahamas, 3 days, 199.00/person
Dinner, Sea Food Shak, [Randolph, NJ], snow crab legs, 14.95/person
Ice show, Walt Disney World on Ice, Pocahontas, [Madison Square Garden, NYC], 13.50-20.50/ticket
Internet access, Blastnet, 18.95/month
Movie, Parsippany Cinema 12, bargain matinee, 4.25/ticket
Television, Sharp, 25" stereo, 247.97/each
Theater, The Friday Evening Club, Ben Vereen & Leslie Uggams, 15.00-50.00/ticket
Treadmill, Pro Form, 499.99-699.99/each
VCR, JVC, 4 head hi-fi, 197.97/each
Video, Riverdance, original cast, 23.95/each

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