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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, January 1-15, 2007

Chrysler Sebring, 18,995.00
Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer edition, 32,080.00
Toyota Corolla, 12,499.00
2003, Mercury Grand Marquis, 11,495.00
2000, GMC Jimmy SLT, 5,975.00
1997, Ford Escort, 1,275.00

Boy's jacket, winter, 42.00-115.00/each
Men's jacket, Columbia, 100.00-380.00/each
Men's jeans, Lee, 24.00/pair
Men's necktie, Stafford, 20.00-25.00/each
Men's shirt, dress, 32.50-59.50/each
Men's shoes, dress, 60.00-145.00/pair
Men's slacks, Dockers, 29.99/pair
Men's sport coat, 200.00-300.00/each
Men's suit, 250.00-495.00/each
Men's sweater, 30.00-55.00/each
Running shoes, Reebok, Nitro, 29.99-59.99/pair
Women's blouse, Worthington, 19.99-49.99/each
Women's coat, wool, 180.00-800.00/each
Women's shoes, 39.00-79.00/pair
Women's suit, 300.00-360.00/each
Women's sweater, 29.00-58.00/each

Employment & services
Administrative assistant, 12.00-15.00/hour
Certified home health aide, 10.00/hour
Construction laborer, 12.00-16.00/hour
Cook, 12.00/hour
Machine operator, 2nd & 3rd shifts, 10.00/hour
Office assistant, 26,000.00-28,000.00/year
Receptionist, 10.00/hour
Security guard, 16.00/hour
Social worker, family support specialist, 13.63/hour

Food & beverages
NOTE: food is no longer advertised in our paper; inserts only
Bacon, Hormel, 1.99/12 oz pkg
Beef, ground, 90% lean, 3.69/lb
Bread, Pepperidge Farm, Nine Grain, 3.29/24 oz loaf
Broccoli, crowns, 1.99/lb
Butter, Land O Lakes, 1.19/8 oz container
Carrots, Green Giant, mini, 1.69/lb bag
Chicken, boneless, 1.99/lb
Cheese, Sorrento, shredded mozzarella, 3.19/8 oz bag
Coffee, Folger's, 1.99/11.5 oz can
Cool Whip, 2.29/8 oz tub
Cookies, Keebler, Fudge Stripe, 2.99/11.5 oz pkg
Doritos, 3.49/13 oz bag
Hot pockets, meatball sub, 3.19/9 oz pkg
Lettuce, Dole, Hearts of Romaine, 3.49/10 ounce bag
Macaroni, Ronzoni, elbows, .99/lb box
Nuts, Planters, mixed, 4.99/11.5 oz pkg
Onions, Yellow, 1.99/3 lbs
Pizza, Stouffers, French Bread, pepperoni (frozen), 3.99/11 oz box
Pork, boneless loin, 3.99/lb
Potatoes, Yukon Gold, 3.49/5 lbs
Salad dressing, Good Seasons, 3.29/14 oz bottle
Soda, Coca Cola, 3.69/eight 12 oz bottles
Soup, Campbells, Tomato Rice, 1.19/11 oz can
Spaghetti sauce, Classico, 2.99/26 oz jar
Spaghettios, Franco-American, with meatballs, 1.49/15 oz can
Strawberries, 2.99/lb
Tomatoes, grape, 3.99/box

Household & seasonal goods
Coffeemaker, Mr. Coffee, 12 cup, 27.99-39.99/each
Cookware, T-Fal, 10 piece set, 149.00/each
Dinnerware, 61 piece, 119.99/set
Dish detergent, Sunlight, 1.49/14.7 oz bottle
Laundry detergent, Wisk, 9.00/two 100 fl oz bottles
Microwave oven, Sears Kenmore, 1.0 cu ft, 59.99-89.99/each
Range, Sears Kenmore, gas, 549.99-599.99/each
Refrigerator, Sears Kenmore, 22.4 cu ft, 1,399.99-1,449.00/each
Towels, Pyramid, bath, 12.00/each
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, EmPower, bagless, 179.99/each
Washing machine, Sears Kenmore, 399.99-479.99/each


Personal care & health
Deodorant, Secret, 4.00/two 2.6 oz continers
Mouthwash, Listerine, 8.00/two 1 liter bottles
Q-Tips, 7.00/two 625 ct pkgs
Shampoo, Pantene, 4.99/16.2 fl oz bottle
Tissues, Kleenex, 5.00/four 200 count boxes
Toilet paper, Cottenelle, 12.00/two 12 roll packs
Toothpaste, Colgate, 6.00/two 6 oz tubes
Vitamins, One-a-Day, 7.99/130 count bottle

Real estate
Houses for sale
Parsippany, ranch, 3 bedrooms, 414,000.00
Randolph, townhouse, 2 bedrooms, 379.900.00
Rockaway Twp., colonial, 4 bedrooms, 459.900.00
Houses for rent
Florham Park, 3 bedrooms, 1,700.00/month
Lake Parsippany, 4 bedrooms, 2,200.00/month
Roxbury, 3-4 bedrooms, 1,600.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 1 bedroom, Old Forge, 1,250.0/month
Randolph, 1 bedroom, 1,700.00/month
Rockaway Twp., 2/3 bedrooms, 1,465.00/month

Recreation & amusements
Book, Morris County Memories, published by the Daily Record, 24.99/each; 59.99/complete set of 3 books
Camcorder, Canon, digital, 268.00-499.00/each
Camera, Canon, digital, 6 megapixel, 148.00-299.00/each
Computer, Compaq, notebook, 15.4" screen, 449.00-639.99/each
Cruise, Norwegian Cruise Line, Bermuda, 7 nights, 549.99/person
DVD player/recorder, Toshiba, 499.99/each
DVDs (movies), 9.99-11.99/each
Golf balls, Juice, 19.99/dozen
iPod, Apple, 2nd generation, 149.99/each
iTunes gift cards, 15.00-50.00/each
Playstation Portable System, Sony, 199.99/each; games, 39.99/each
Television, Panasonic, 52" wide screen high definition, 1,088.00-1,999.00/each
XBox 360 Pro System, 399.99/each; games 29.99-69.99/each

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