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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, July 1-15, 2008

Chevrolet Trailblazer, 25,705.00
Hyundai Accent GS, 14,090.00
Toyota Camry, 17,499.00
2006, Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer, 19,995.00
2005, Chevrolet Malibu LS, 13,495.00
2004, Hyundai Elantra, 8,000.00

Athletic shoes, New Balance, 39.99-60.00/pair
Girls' sun dress, 7.00-22.00/each
Junior's capris, Union Bay, 19.99-34.00/pair
Junior's shorts, Soffe, 6.99/7.99/pair
Men's pants, casual, Dockers, 24.99-40.00/pair
Men's shirt, dress, Arrow, 18.40-46.00/each
Men's shirt, sport, Izod polo, 24.99-38.00/each
Misses summer tops, 12.99-29.00/each

Accountant, 50,000.00/year
Auto sales, 40,000.00-80,000.00/year Cashier, 12.00/hour
Drivers, 1,000.00/week
Machine operator, 11.00/hour
Post Office workers, 20.00/hour
School crossing guards, 15.00/hour
Security guard, 10.00/hour

Food & beverages*
Apples, McIntosh, 1.99/lb
Bananas, .59/lb
Beef, Ground, 90%, 3.99/lb
Bread, white, sliced, 1.69/lb loaf
Broccoli crowns, 1.99/lb
Butter, Land O Lakes, 4.59/lb
Canteloupe, 5.00/2
Cereal, Cheerios, 3.99/2.25 oz box
Chicken, Purdue, cut up fryer, 1.20/lb
Cookies, Oreo, 4.29/18 oz pkg
Corn, Green Giant, 1.19/15.24 oz can
Crackers, Ritz, 3.59/12 oz pkg
Eggs, 2.29/dozen
Frankfurters, Oscar Mayer, 4.59/lb
Grapes, seedless, 2.49/lb
Juice, Hawaiian Punch, 1.99/64 oz bottle
Mayonnaise, Hellmann's, 4.69/30 oz jar
Milk, 3.99/gallon
Onions, yellow, .99/3 lbs
Oranges, California, .99/each
Peanutbutter, Skippy, 2.49/16.3 oz jar
Potatoes, Yukon Gold, 3.99/5 lbs
Rice, Minute, 4.49/28 oz box
Soda, Pepsi, 1.69/2 litre bottle
Soup, Campbell's, Tomato, 1.29/10,75 oz can
SPAM, 2.79/12 oz tin
Tomatoes, Hunts, Canned, 1.89/28 oz can
Tuna, Bumble Bee, 1.49/6 oz can
Watermelon, seedless, 7.99/each

Blender, Oster, 10 speed, 19.99/each
Coffee maker, Farberware, 39.99/each
Dinnerware, Mikasa, 45 pieces, 199.00-400.00/set
Dishwasher, Whirlpool, 349.00/each
Laundry detergent, Arm & Hammer, 7.99/80 oz jug
Living room set, 5 pieces, 748.00-798.00/set
Microwave oven, Emerson, 9 cu ft, 59.99/each
Range, Frigidaire, gas, 549.99/each
Refrigerator, GE, 25.6 cu ft, side by side, 1799.99/each
Towel, Oxford, bath, 4.99/each
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, bagless, 69.99-74.99/each
Washing machine, Maytag, 32 cu ft, 499.99/each

Lawn & garden
Chain saw, Stihl, 319.95/each
Grill, Kenmore, gas, 119.99-149.98/each
Lawn mower, Honda, 729.00/each
Patio set, 5 piece, aluminum w/cushions, 449.99/set

.50/daily paper

Personal care & health
Deodorant, Gillette, 7.99/11.7 oz pkg
Hair color, Nice N Easy, 5.99/each
Mouthwash, Listerine, 4.99/1.5 ml bottle
Pain reliever, Advil, 12.99/200 ct bottle
Razors, Gillette, disposable, 5.99/3 pk
Shampoo, Pantene, 12.00/two 25.4 oz bottles
Tooth brush, Colgate, 3.49/each
Toothpaste, Crest, 2.50/6.2 oz tube
Vitamins, Centrum, multivitamin, 7.99/100 ct bottle

Real estate
Houses for sale
Denville, 4 br, colonial, 369,000.00
Randolph, 5 br, colonial, 675,000.00
Roxbury, 4 br, "Ashley model," 518,000.00
Houses for rent
Boonton, 2 br, 1,700.00/month
Dover, 2 br, 1,200.00/month
Mountain Lakes, 4 br, 2,500.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Madison, 2 br, 1,475.00/month
Parsippany, 2 br, 1,775.00/month
Wharton, 1 br, 900.00/month

Recreation & amusements
Backpack, JanSport, 29.99-49.99/each
Bicycle, Schwinn, adult, 198.00/each
Blu-ray player, 399.99/eac h
Blu-rays (movies), 29.99/each
Camcorder, Sony, 40 GB, 999.99/each
Camera, Sonny, 10 megapixel, 399.00/each
Computer, Hewlett Packard, laptop, 3 GB, 899.99/each
DVD player, Samsung, 99.99/each
DVDs (movies), 12.99-19.99/each
Golf balls, Callaway, 39.99/dozen
Golf clubs, Wilson, 159.00-189.00/set
iPod, 4GB, 149.99/each
Luggage, American Tourister, 4 pieces, 89.99/set
Sidewalk chalk, Crayola, 1.99-2.49/20 ct container
Swim membership, Lake Hiawatha Swim Club, 179.00/adult
Telephone, Verizon LG Dare, 199.99/each (+ 2 yr activation)
Television, Samsung, 50" LCD HDTV, 2,499.99-2,999.99/each
XBox 360 game system, 279.99/each
XBox games, 49.99/each

[FOODNOTES: (1) Food ads are no longer published in the paper. They are inserts only. Prices are from Foodtown, Cedar Knolls NJ.(2) Recent surge in gasoline prices account for some higher food costs]

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