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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, September 1-15, 2009

Chevrolet, Malibu, hybrid, 22,999.00
Honda, Civic LX, 18,925.00
Jeep, Grand Cherokee, 24,444.00
2006, Honda, Accord EX, 12,900.00
2001, Ford, Focus, 3,995.00
1996, Jeep, Cherokee, 4,000.00

Navigation system, GPS, Garmin Nuvi, 249.00

Only discount chain stores advertise clothing in our newspaper
Basketball shorts, Nike, men's, 23.99/pair
Dress, misses, 49.99-70.00/each
Golf shirts, Tommy Armour, 39.99-64.99/each
Golf shoes, Nike, 49.00/pair
Jacket, Denali, fleece, women's, 165.00/each
Jeans, Arizona, boys, 11.99/pair
Jeans, Lee, misses, 29.99/pair
Neckties, 16.80-32.00/each
Running shoes, Nike, women's, 84.99/pair
Shirts, men's dress, 16.00-58.00/each
Shoes, men's casual, Dockers, 48.75-75.00/pair
Shoes, women's dress, 44.99-70.00/pair
Slacks, men's casual, 27.99-55.00/pair
Suits, men's separates, 39.00-225.00/coat or slacks
Tee shirts, Nike, men's, 15.00/each
Tops, women's casual, 17.99-52.99/each

Job ads are mostly posted online: Careerbuilder

Food & beverages
Food is no longer advertised in the newspaper. Prices are from Foodtown, Cedar Knolls, NJ
Apples, Gala, 1.49/lb
Bacon, Oscar Meyer, center cut, 5.69/12 oz
Bananas, Dole, .79/lb
Beef, ground, 80% lean, 2.99/lb
Bologna, Oscar Meyer, 2.99/lb
Bread, Wonder, white, $4.00/two 20 oz loaves
Broccoli, fresh crowns, 1.49/each
Butter, Land O Lakes, 2.20/8 oz
Carrots, Green Giant, .79/lb
Cereal, Life, 3.99/14 oz box
Cheese, Foodtown, American singles, 2.49/lb
Chicken, Purdue, Oven Stuffer Roaster, 1.19/lb
Chocolate syrup, Fox's u-bet, 1.99/24 oz bottle
Cocktail sauce, Sau-Sea, 1.59/8 oz cup
Cookies, Keebler, E.L. Fudge, 5.oo/two 12 oz pkgs
Corn, fresh, .99/5 ears
Energy drink, Red Bull, 7.99/4 pack; 8.3 oz cans Fish, tilapia, fresh, 5.99/lb
Grapes, California, seedless, 1.99/lb
Ice cream, Edy's Grand, 4.49/48 oz carton
Lettuce, Dole, bag, 3.69/10 oz bag
Macaroni & cheese, Stouffer's, frozen, 4.00/two 12 oz pkgs
Onions, Yellow, 2.49/3 lb bag
Orange juice, Florida's Natural, 4.99/89 oz jug
Popcorn, Pop Secret, 2.98/10.5 oz pkg
Pork, center cut chops, 3.69/lb
Potato chips, Lays, 3.99/10.5 oz bag
Potatoes, Idaho, .99/lb
Soda, Coca Cola, 3.99/8-pack; 16 oz bottles
Tea bags, Foodtown, 1.99/100 ct pkg
Tomatoes, Jersey Fresh, grape, 5.00/two dry pints
TV dinner, Swanson, 2.99/16 oz pkg
Watermelon, seedless, .69/lb

Household & seasonal goods
Chair, JC Penny, rocker recliner, 299.99-999.00/each
Clothes washer & dryer, Maytag, 424.99-542.99/set
Coffee maker, Mr. Coffee, 10 cup programmable, 49.00/each
Comforter, twin, 60.00/each
Cookware, JC Penny Home, 12 piece, 99.00/set
Dining room set, 5 piece, 799.99/set
Laundry detergent, Purex, concentrated, 6.99/150 oz bottle
Lawn mower, Craftsman, 190cc, 289.00/each
Microwave oven, GE, 1.1 cu ft, 99.00/each
Range, GE, electric, 599.99/each
Refrigerator, Kenmore, 25 cu ft, 899.99/each
Sheet set, full size, 600 thread-count, 49.99/set
Toaster, Kenomre, 4 slice, 49.99
Toilet paper, Cottonelle, double rolls, 6.49/12 pack
Towels, bath, 9.99/each
Vacuum, Bissell, bagless, 79.96/each
Sofa, Jasper, microfiber suede, 86", 899.00/each

.75/daily paper

Personal care & health
Allergy medicine, Sudafed, 5.99/20 ct. pkg
Bandages, Band-Aid, 2.29/30 ct. box
Deodorant, Right Guard, stick, 1.99/each
Diapers, Pampers, disposable, 29.99/72 ct pkg
Hair dryer, Revlon, Ionic, 1875 watts, 14.99/each
Mouthwash, Listerine, 5.99/1.5 liter bottle
Pain reliever, Advil, 7.49/100 ct. bottle
Razors, Gillette, disposable, 5.69/3 ct pkg
Shampoo, Fructus, 2.99/13 ox bottle
Toothpaste, Colgate, 3.49/6 oz tube
Vitamins, One-a-Day, 6.99/100 ct. bottle

Real estate
Houses for sale
Montville, 3 bedrooms, colonial, 389,00.00
Morris Twp., 4 bedrooms, custom colonial, 2 acres, 799,000.00
Parsippany, Mazdabrook Commons, 3 bedroom condo, 479,000.00
Houses for rent
Flanders, 2 bedrooms, 1,300.00/month
Long Valley, 3 bedrooms, bi-level, 1,875.00/month
Succasunna, 2 bedroom ranch, 1,300.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Dover, 3 bedrooms, 1,400.00/month
Madison, 1 bedroom, 1,200.00/month
Parsippany, Westgate Gardens, 1 bedroom, 1070.00/month

Recreation & amusements
Blu-Ray Disc Player, Pioneer, 399.98/each
Camcorder, DVD, Cannon, 379.00/each
Camera, Kodak, digital 8.2 megapixel, 79.99/each
CD, music, 11.98/each
Computer, HP mini note, 349.00/each
Country fair & harvest festival, Fosterfields Living Farm, admission 8.00/adults, 7.00/seniors, 4.00-6.00/children Doll, Barbie, 19.99/each
DVD, movie, 19.99/each
Football, Wilson GSR, 29.99
Game, XBox 360, 60GB Pro, 249.00
Golf clubs, Wilson, 79.97-599.00/set
Home Theater Receiver, Pioneer, Elite, 1,699.98/each
IPod Nano, Apple, 149.00/each
Mobile communication, Blackberry, Tour, 249.99/each plus service
MP3 player, Element, 4GB, 39.99/each
Scooters, Razor, 39.00/each
Television, Magnavox, 32" LCD HDTV, 438.00/each
Television, Toshiba, 46" LED LCD HDTV, 2,049.98
Tennis balls, Penn, 2.49/3 ball can
Tennis racquette, Head, 19.99-299.99/each
Toy, Hot Wheels, Color Blaster Play Set, 17.99/each
Treadmill, Horizon, 499.00-1,299.99/each
Telephone, Panasonic, cordless, 99.00/each

School supplies
Backpack, Jansport, 27.99-69.99/each
Composition books, Penway, 3.00/two 80 sheet books
Paper, Penway, notebook filler, .79/120 sheets
Pencils, colored Crayola, .65/12 pkg
Pocket folders, Penway, 1.00/4

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