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Current Morris County property tax data ( Use SR1A's for recent sales, Tax Records for all properties. Match tax appeals decisions with 2008 decision codes.)
Petition for Appeal [of Assessment], use Form A1, available online from the NJ Dept of the Treasury, Taxation Division.
Foreclosures, see the County Sheriff's sales. The Star Ledger newspaper offers home sale data by town.

The Morris County Clerk's Office computerized land record system are now available on-line. This system includes the indexed data of Deeds and Mortgages beginning in 1968 and contains over 4 million images of these documents dating back to 1998. These documents are public record and have always been available to the general public in the Clerk's Record Vault.

Historic data
We have the Daily Record (our county's paper of record) newspaper, June 1900-present, which has generally posted title transfers and sales amount on a weekly basis. If you need a complete record of all transactions relating to a specific property (title searching) you will need to visit the Morris County Clerk's Office. These records are not on the Internet.

Need to compare tax rates in several Morris County towns?
County Tax Board Abstract of Ratables provides the equalized tax rate per $100 for each town in Morris County (only). Note: If you are thinking of purchasing a property in a specific town, contact the municipal tax assessor and ask when the last re-evaluation occurred. This can change rates and affect your buying power.

New Jersey

Morris County Abstract of Ratables, 2013General tax rate to apply per $100 valuation (page 2, column7)
[NOTE: Abstract of Ratables is issued each October.]

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