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ReferenceBooks like Free Money for College, The Scholarship Book and The Awards Almanac and special directories (money for veterans, women, minorities, disabled students, older learners, etc.) are still the best scholarship resource. Seach our catalog for Scholarships as subject. We also have NJ and US aid applications here.


On the 'Net? US Programs
The US Department of Education's Student Guide and Funding Opportunities ( Direct Loan program information.)
US DOE student aid, online FAFSA applications and forms for requesting a Personal Identification Number, an electronic signature you can use for a variety of student loan transactions.
The Financial Aid Information Page, FinAid ( options for free scholarships, federal loans or low-interest commercial financing.)

Do you qualify for financial assistance? Use the financial aid calculator. Title IV codes for your applications are also listed here.

New Jersey
New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority offers information on New Jersey Class and NJBEST loans, scholarships and grants. Applications may be downloaded.

Words of warning
Watch out for promotional literature targeted to recent high school graduates containing "guaranteed" scholarship money for college. Typically, these scholarship brokers charge up-front fees to link needy students to "piles of available financial aid." Investigate any firm before you send them money. Investigate any broker in the Scams Alert and National Fraud Information Center databases. Check with the Better Business Bureau or with your state's Consumer Advocate (usually in the office of the state Attorney General.)

Think About Yourself!
There are an astonishing range of scholarships and awards, some of which may apply to you. Think about your family's

Have an essay or two and copies of your "resume" ready to go so you can fire off a scholarship application well ahead of any deadlines. Good luck with your schooling!

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